Birthday Poems-Funny Birthday Poems

Birthday Poems for Friends:

Happy Birthday to a dear friend
You'll be special until the end
Celebrate today and know this is tru
                               My life has been blessed, Because of you.

Birthday Poems

        Happy Birthday Best Friend
A little Crazy,
A lot Funny,
A little Nully,
A lot Brainy,
A little Tangy,
A lot Loving
That's my Best Friend,
Most Interestingly

Happy Birthday!
I have many friends,
But one above the rest,
That one is you,
You are simply the best.
It's friend like you
In good times and bad,
Who asks for nothing,
Yet offers hand.
Wherever I go in life,
There's only one thing to do,
I must have a big heart,
And be a friend like you.

If you were peanut butter, I'd be jelly 
If you were a loud noise , I'd be smelly
If you were a bakery , I'd be a deli
If you were a calorie , I'd be your belly.

Family Birthday Poems:

Happy Birthday
Darling Daughter
Here's wish for happiness
And many dreams come true
Not only on your special day
But always , all life through

I hope you can see
How much i look up to u
I wish i can be
The person you want to me to
I wish that i can
Stand out from the crowd
I hope that one day
I can make feel proud...

Dear sister…

A like on Facebook

A tweet on Twitter

A pin on Pinterest

A share on Flickr

A sweet greeting card

A cute note

A funny speech

A heartfelt quote

All this and a lot more

Is what I will do

To wish a very

Happy birthday to you

A sister’s love

Is very funny

Sometimes it is

Sweet as honey

Sometimes it is

Bitter and sour

But it always has

A lot of power

Happy birthday

You are my sunshine

You are my shadow

You know whenever

I am in sorrow

You are my star

You are my rainbow

I will never stop loving you

Not today, never tomorrow

Happy birthday sis

A piece of my heart

A part of my family

A portion of my life

A slice of me

You have always been sis

And you will always be

I wish you a happy birthday

Happy Birthday
Dear father
Dear father
you are funny your kind and you are smart
Its is no wonder
that the love i send
has come straight
from my heart

A poem about my dad...!
I drive you nuts
I've turned you grey
I've made you proud
I've spent your pay
I've stressed you out,
I've hurt your bad
I've made u laugh
I've sent you mad
I've made you smile
I've made you sob...

 There is a person

Who means a lot me

My life without whom

I simply cannot see

There is someone special

Who I would truly call great

Whose return from work

I would as a child, await

Dad, that person

Has been you, all the way

Thank you for being an inspiration

Day after day

Happy birthday

Sweet poem for dad from son daughter respect and love


I hope you can see

How much I look up to you

I wish I can be

The person you want me to

I wish that I can

Stand out from the crowd

I hope that one day

I can make you feel proud

Happy birthday

 You may have crossed fifty

But mum says you are still nifty

You may have aged a bit

But young, is your spirit

You may have become weaker

But in your mind, you are stronger

Here’s a birthday wish for a dad

Who by heart, is still a teenage lad

Mother you are beautiful
Mother you are kind
Endearing thoughts
of love for u
are always on my mind
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday mom
When i was kid so small
I seek my brother
Whenever i was about to full
I shall never grow up
To my mother.
For whom i'm and shall always be
Mama's little babe.

Mom is such
A special word
The loveliest
I've ever heard
A toast to you
Above all the rest
Mom you are special
You are
the best

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