Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

Wish your sister with some beautiful Funny birthday wishes, Happy Birthday Messages here i'm sharing for you best exclusive Happy Birthday Wishes for Sisters.

You can easily find here unique Birthday Messages for your Sister What your thinking  go and pick.

Happy Birthday to you little sister you are hardly annoying at all time

Definition for sister: 
A person who knows you inside and out and still thinks the world of you Yup that sounds like you. Thank goodness you’re my sister. Happy Birthday Dear sis!

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister shhh  don't tell the others they might get jealous.

Sister to sister we will always be a couple of nuts off the family tree
Happy Birthday to you my much much bigger sister

Happy Birthday wishes to my favorite sister  the few people birthday i remember  without  A face book reminder

Happy Birthday Wishes to my cute sister on the planet.

Happy Birthday to you my much much Older sister much much older
you are older just again.

Happy Birthday to you Bigger sister
you are hardly annoying at all time