Best Happy Birthday Wishes for All

Celebrating a day is nothing but an occasion so far we called, but celebrating Birthday is an Awesome occasion, So Its time to bless with your Realistic Birthday Wishes to your special ones.

Birthday's are very special in every one life but conveying special words for Birthday has never been easier and it is very difficult, So we have prepared heartfelt Happy Birthday Sayings and realistic Birthday Wishes for all aged people.

Birthday is only day where every individual felt happy and proud that he have one own day in an whole year, Of course we know the fact that we have 24 hours per a day and 365 days per year, but this special day makes us to feel happy for each and every second with lots and lots of Blessings and Greetings from our beloved ones on that particular day. May the way of wishing is different like.

00:00 hours   --  starts with Cake cutting and Celebrations at peaks till 02:00 hours

02:00 hours   --  Sleeping  till Morning

From here on wards, the day starts with flood of Lovely and Cute Birthday Wishes and Happy Birthday Sayings and Birthday Sms Messages in any of the way like through calls and some direct cute wishes. yes, as we are in sophisticated world, these days we will get Birthday Wishes through Facebook, What's app, Twitter, Google plus etc etc.

Like this the way is different, but which lets you feel ecstatic for every second on the  whole day and makes you to remember your well wishers for the next entire life.

Special Birthday Wishes and Happy Birthday Sayings:

Best Birthday Wishes

Sending Birthday Messages is long standing tradition Now a days sending Birthday Wishes through social media is very easy and our lovable social media websites so many there for sending best Wishes.

Whatever with the Past has Gone, the Best is always Yet to Come Happy Birthday.
I am so grateful for the day you were born because I would never have met a friend as true and as loyal as you.

Life is all about 3 things
Winning - Wining others Heart.
Loosing - Loosing Bad Things.
Sharing - Sharing Happy Moments.
Happy Birthday Wishes to you.....!

To the most wonderful man in the world, may you be blessed with more years and joy all the days of your life.

May this Year be the Best of your Life, until the Next One. Happy Birthday Wishes to You!
Wishing that you have Lots and Lots of Birthday Fun.

My wish u spend thousands years on this land with pleasures,and enjoy the Beautiful life with your Family and Friends.Happy Birthday.

May this Birthday be just the Beginning of a year filled with Happy Memories,Wonderful moments and Shinning Dreams Happy Birthday Wishes to you.

Take advantage of how things are so that one day you will take pride in telling how things were.  Special Happy Birthday.

The Best part of my Life is growing up with such a fun Loving Brother like you. Thanks for making my Life Colorful Happy Birthday Wishes to you.

You live life in the fast lane but I move a little slower,That is why I am a little behind u on celebrating your birthday, Happy Cheerful Birthday to you.!

All The Smiles A Day Can Bring
All The BLESSINGS A Life Can Unfold
May You Get The World's  Best In Everything....!!!
Special Birthday Greetings for you.

With as much love, as I can share, I wanted to let u know I care Enough to send some love your way, On your very special day!

In this special day As you celebrate your Birthday
Here's wishing you A whole lotto Happiness
& Sweet Surprises
Beautiful Birthday Wishes for You...!

I may not be by your side.Celebrating your special day with u But i want u to know that i am thinking of u & Wishing u a Wonderful Birthday Greetings for you....!

In soft Gleaming of stars... may all your Dreams come true, may every star of every night bring love and joy to you Happy Birthday Wishes to  you.....!

You are the Sweetest Brother I have ever seen in life, Always stay Blessed in whatever you do, Wish you a very Happy Birthday !

I know that you have been Blessed with so much and I wish you even more Blessings on your Birthday and the days to come. Birthday Wishes to you...!

To the most wonderful man in the world, may you be blessed with more years and joy all the days of your life.

I can`t think of anything else better to wish u on your Birthday save for Happiness because that is what u bring into my life.
Happy Birthday Wishes to You...!                                                                        

Sun arise as usual time, Rays fall on grass at usual time, Birds fly at the usual time, But all they Shouting Birthday Wishes to you....!

There is no Wish Better than the coming from the Heart,Wish I could Personally bring U flowers full of cart,
Happy Birthday Wishes to You.

Good Morning and Have Lovely Birthday To YOU.

Today,you have added another year to your age!!
May it come with hope, joy and Enormous Wishes of life for u
Beautiful Birthday Wishes to you.

Wishing you a Beautiful Day with Good health and Happiness Forever!

Happy Special Day for you and Special Birthday Greetings to U !

Wish you a very Happy Birthday May life lead to you great Happiness, Success and hope that all your wishes come and true Enjoy your day.Happy Birthday.

You Are The Greatest Gift From God I Have No Wish Other Than To Have You For The Rest Of My Life. Happy Birthday Wishes to U

May this Year be the Best of your Life, until the Next One
Special Birthday wishes for you!

Wishing that you have Lots and Lots of Birthday Fun.
These are My Special Birthday Sayings for you.

I know that you have been Blessed with so much  Love and I wish you even more Blessings on your birthday and the days to come.Birth!

To the most wonderful man in the world, may you be blessed with more years and joy all the days of your life. Happy Birthday Wishes for You...!

I can`t think of anything else better to wish u on your Birthday save for Happiness because that is what u bring into my life. Happy Birthday....!

May this Birthday be different from the rest of your Birthdays in every good way.May all your Fantasies come true Have a lovely Birthday..!

You are as beautiful today as the first day I saw you. You will always have my heart and my love.Happy Birthday to U!

I wish for u to have people to love, People in your life who will care about You
as much as I do. Happy Birthday Wishes to You..!

The most Warm Birthday Wishes and Blessings are coming Your Way, My Dear Friend. Have Rocking Birthday !

Beautiful Birthday Messages:

Sweet and Cute and Cheerful Birthday Wishes and Birthday Text Messages, Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes and short Birthday wishes and SMS Messages for whats app status ,Share these Cool Happy Birthday Quotes, Happy Birthday Greeting Messages and decent, romantic lovable wishes.

Wish with your Family members and Best Friends, Sister, Brother with these Happy birthday messages and Birthday Greeting Quotations Choose here the Best wishes for your loving persons and wish on their Special day.

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Wishing you All the Best that Life has to offer on your Birthday. May you always stay Happy and Blessed. Happy Birthday...!

The Blossoming "ROSES", The Rising "SUN", The Sizzling "BIRDS". The Morning "MIST".
"RAIN" & "ME" Wish You A Very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

"If there`s something that you`re Dreaming of then may it all come true,because you deserve it all.HAPPY BIRTHDAY".

Look outside its so pleasant! sun smiling 4 u, tree dancing 4 u, birds singing 4 u, because i requested them all to wish u:
Birthday Wishes...!

A Bouquet of wishes just for u to wish u a happy birthday that's happy and bright the whole day through have a Wonderful Birthday Wishes for You....!

In soft polished of stars may well all your Dreams come accurate,may each star of all night bring Love and Happiness to you...!

Birthdays are good fr Ur health.Studies shown that people who have more birthdays,live longer.May U always remain healthy N Celebrate Hundreds ..Birthday Wishes.

I was going to get u a Birthday Cake but they did not have that much Candles. So I decided to go for a Birthday Card instead. Happy Birthday.

In soft gleaming night of stars, May all your dreams come true, May every star of ever night, Bring love-n-joy 2 you, Happy Birthday 2 u

Wishing u a day soft as silk..... white as milk..... sweet as honey&full of money. may all your
dreams come true...

A Birthday is a lovely Flower that blooms in life`s garden and may that special blossom be
Bright especially today HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Like a fresh dewdrops of a new day... may god`s loving hands b upon u.. today to freshen your soul and body.. happy b`day 2 u...

Sending Birthday Blessings Filled with love and peace & joy Wishing Sweetest things happen Right before your eyes !

Birthday is the day that u will Remember the day that u entered this world and the day u belong in this world.

One more year has come n gone, The sands of time keep trickling away your Birthday reminds me to let u know I`m Thankful 4 u.each n every day.
Birthday Wishes to.

Happy birthday to my Beautiful I hope it is all u want it to be I cant believe. This year you are free Happy Birthday Wishes to you.

"If there`s something that you`re Dreaming of then may it all come true,because you deserve it all.HAPPY BIRTHDAY".
Wish you a many many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity in your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Keep the Smile.Leave the Tear.Hold the Laugh, Leave the Pain,Think of Joy,Forget the Fear, Be Joyous because"GOD IS GOOD.

On your Birthday,I would like to give u some words of wisdom.......Smile while you still have teeth. :D Many many happy returns of the day.Happy Birthday Wishes to You.

Hope yοu live forever, because this is what Ι am Planning to dο and the sure thing Ιs that I am going tο need you. Happy Birthday

Sending birthday Blessings Filled with love and Peace and joy Wishing sweetest things happen Right before your eyes !!Happy Birthday to U!!

Look outside Its so pleasant,Sun smiling for u,Trees dancing for u,Birds singing for u,Because I requested them All to wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Let the GOD decorate each golden ray of d sun reaching u with wishes of Success, Happiness and Prosperity for u, Wish u a very Happy birthday....!

The Happiest person in the world is the one who thinks the most interesting thoughts and we grow Happier as we grow older. 

Let a little sunshine in and a little out for other people as well.

Our love will never get old. That`s because, together, we`re forever young. May we always drink from the fountain of youth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..!

Birthdays are 4 fun Enjoy a sticky bun I`m glad u r my mate Hope your Birthdays great.

May your Birthday be D window which opens a million vistas that help U in D Fulfillment of Ur Dreams N accomplishments of Ur goals.Happy Birthday Wishes to you

Kick off your shoes,take a break,Crank the tunes,dance N shake,Light the candles,cut the cake,Make it a day,that's simply great Happy Birthday.

Just when a caterpillar thinks that it is all grown up,it becomes a butterfly.U have wings 2 fly now to Ur goals.Happy Birthday,Dear Butterfly

Take a day off to celebrate you birthday.Take a year off and tell people you are younger.Happy Birthday!
If Anyone does not love you at your worst, that one does not deserve you at your Best...

May you always stay grounded yet fly and soar high to reach your dreams and ambitions. Happy Birthday

Thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes,To anyone who missed it.`No cake for you!.

All I got you for your birthday was this post.Hope you enjoy it!Try not to read it all at once.Happy Birthday .

I`m not just a year older I`m also a year Better and Prettier.I know your jealous.

Today,Not 1 person said HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me It was`t a shock today not my Birthday.

May God shower his choicest Blessings on you. wishing you Happiness,Good Health and a great year ahead Happy Birthday Wishes to You.

God bless this special best friend of mine with all happiness and accomplishment in life.I`m truly blessed to have yo as my Best est buddy, Happy Birthday.

On your birthday lots of people are thinking of you.I just wanted to let you know that I am one of them.Happy Birthday Wishes to You.

Just want to THANK ALL OF YOU for making me feel special on my Birthday,Love You Guys.

I have no birthday that means I was not born therefore I cannot die..
Happy Birthday Wishes to you.
Nobody wished me a Happy Birthday today,which isn`t Surprising really,since it isn`t my Birthday....!

Happy,Happy Birthday!I hope the day has been Blessed with the Presence of those you love most, and many Magical Moments.

Happy birthday to someone close to me.Hope all the angels are singing to you in heaven.

On your Birthday,today,I wish you a year with loads of fun,excitement and beautiful memories.Happy Birthday....!

Age is whatever you think it is.You are as old as you think you are..
Happy Birthday  Wishes to you.

Thinks Birthdays are good for you.Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.

Birthdays are good for you.Statistics show that the more you have the longer you live.

Happy Birthday to one of the few people whose Birthday I can remember
without a Facebook reminder.
The fact that a Facebook reminder told me it was your Birthday does not make it any less Special.

Happy Birthday even though I tried to kill you all those times when we were kids.

Actually,I did n't forget your birthday,but since you forgot mine I waited until a day after to send this. Happy Birthday.

Hopes your tiny,soul-sucking cubicle provides you a warm atmosphere in which to celebrate your Birthday.

May everyday of your life is like a birthday and may u sing, enjoy and party hard! A very Happy Birthday to u!

I wish u well;I wish u peace;I wish u love; I wish u true.But the most I wish for is a wonderful life for u! Warm Birthday Greetings!

One of the hardest thing to do when you are a kid like us is trying to be unnoticed. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Friends:

Wish you Lovable friends and  Here we are sharing Birthday wishes for friend and Happy birthday quotes,Birthday Messages, Funny Birthday Wishes for friend and all related stuff..smiley.smiley

May all the blessing of the world follow you everywhere you go. Happy Birthday my Dear..!

I wish I could step into your shoes just for today because you are going to be treated like a celebrity. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday to you.

Finding a Great Friend is like looking for a four Leaf Clover

May Beauty and Happiness surround you Today and Beyond. Am I the First one to Wish you Happy Birthday today?

May your Birthday be filled with many Happy Hours and your Life with many Happy Birthdays.

May your Birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of Sunshine, the Happiness of Smiles, the Sounds of Laughter, the Feeling of Love and the sharing of good Cheer. – Many more Happy Birthday Wishes my Dear.

A friend never defends a husband who gets his wife an electric skillet for her birthday.Happy Birthday To U.

Thinking of you and the good times we spent make me smile!
Happy Birthday to a friend who is always close to my heart.

Weather Forecast for today:There shall be showers of blessings on U;Followed by a heavy downpour of God`s love!Happy Birthday,my Lovely friend!

Before the clock strikes twelve let me take the opportunity to let you know that you have grown a year more.... Happy Birthday my dear friend

May all your days be filled with memories and flowers, friendship and happy hours.

But I did get Lucky!
Happy Birthday!
The Second one? No? Doesn't matter, in my Mind I was the First one who thought of You at Midnight on your Special Day.

Hope you have a Wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much Love, many Wonderful Surprises and gives you lasting Memories that you will Cherish in all the days ahead. – have a memorable Birthday Wishes to U..

1st Birthday's wishes and Funny Birthday Wishes are always special in every one life so, it is time to wish your lovable person.

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Sometimes we forget to wish our lovable person that time don't miss to wish with Belated Birthday Wishes

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